Open 7 Days A Week Welcome to BetterBody, providing Les Mills & TRX
Centred in the heart of Phibsborough this bright and airy new gym is equipped for your every need.
Les Mills, TRX, Pilates Tailored Classes and Memberships available to suit
From a large range of class including internationally recognised Les Mills courses ,our master coaches are on hand to provide the motivation and experience to encourage you to meet your goals.
Results Guaranteed You will have the body you dreamed of
There's everything from SPIN and mix, abs and circuit to pilates. We cater for all levels of fitness from beginners to pros, from start to finish. Join today and make your body a Betterbody.

Our Gym

Welcome to the all new BetterBody Gym

This new and well equipped gym is finished to the highest standard with a full range of Life fitness strength and conditioning machines. With a large free weight and cardio section, providing the latest machinery. New cross trainers and treadmills , pulleys, and rows the machinery is second to none and our expert coaches are always available to introduce and encourage you use our facility to its maximum. BetterBody has the ultimate fitness experience at your disposal.

Our unique programming will challenge and inspire you to get into great shape and feel healthy.We are a complete training facility with a wide variety of aerobic machines, strength training equipment, thousands of pounds of dumbbells, In short, everything you need for a great workout experience.

At BetterBody we do not believe that everybody can benefit from the one generic nutrition plan. All our clients will be extensively analyzed during the screening process and throughout so we can get you the results you deserve.

First BetterBody Transformation Client

A Big well done to Sinead Carley

Sinead's transformation took just six weeks from start to finish. This is an unbelievable short space of time to achieve these amazing results, but don't let the timescale fool you. Sinead had to work very hard and BetterBody had to provide her with the correct information, the right training regime, the necessary nutrition and most importantly the back up and support. With all this in place Sinead was able to reach and break her goals and is a different person no because of it, justtake a look at her pictures if you don't believe us.

If you'd like to sign up for body transformation course don't hesitate to contact one of our experienced weight loss and fitness experts right now.

6 weeks course


Suspension training for fat burning… considered one of the best in class workout programs.

Work out time 3 times a week

Les Mills

Strength/Grit is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training workout, designed to improve strength

Metabolism is raised


Very intense training but HIIT is a miracle way to reduce your workout time and up your fat burning

Burn up to 1000 calories


Boxercise combines the activities of boxing and aerobic exercise in a fun and dynamic manner

3 times weekly 40mins

Abs & Circuit

This highly effective class runs through each muscle group by using a mixture of spinning, kettlebells,weights

Training time 30/40 mins

Body Pump

Body Pump is for anyone looking to get toned, lean and fit and fast. Light to moderate weights with lots of reps.

Tailored to your needs.


This is where we get to know you as an individual. We find out your exercise history.

Special membership rates


Fantastic cardio and strength class. Fun and interesting way to combine fitness and definition.

T.R.X. speicalists

Suspension training… considered one of the best in class workout programs. By using your own body weight and gravity, this is a great all round workout, where you can decide how much to challenge yourself. Trx is used with straps , which you use to suspend yourself , pull yourself, lift yourself and the results are amazing. Highly beneficial for toning and defining your body. Great all round workout , hitting all muscle group. Extremely addictive.

In general, a part of your body will be suspended above the ground or you’ll be leaning into or away from the straps to create resistance and destabilization. Knocking our balance out of whack gives us no other option but to adjust, which means engaging the midsection and back and firing up the shoulders and hips to maintain control throughout the movement. Even better? Since the straps roll up into practically nothing, it’s a take-anywhere, do-anywhere kind of workout—provided you have somewhere stable to serve as your base.