Suspension training...

Suspension training for fat burning… considered one of the best in class workout programs. By using your own body weight and gravity, this is a great all round workout, where you can decide how much to challenge yourself. Trx is used with straps, which you use to suspend yourself , pull yourself, lift yourself and the results are amazing. Highly beneficial for toning and defining your body.

Great all round workout, hitting all muscle group. Extremely addictive and great for burning fat.


Having suffered from injuries in the past and hours spent in the gym with no results I lost faith in exercise and I decided to get some help. After a bad experience with a previous personal trainer I decided to do some research for my next and found BetterBody who trainers have years of experience. They're the kings of technique!
They tailored sessions which are fun and interesting to help me reach my goals and I have learnt so much and my day to day diet has improved dramatically with their advice. Since working out with BetterBody I have lost 11lbs and 3 inches of my measurements. Everyone has commented on how much slimmer I look. I've recommended them to all my friends!

Emily Pool

Castleknock, Dublin 7

*Disclaimer: Results may vary and are subject to a healthy and balanced diet.