FREE one-to-one Training

Embark on a journey towards achieving your fitness goals with our comprehensive program. 

We’ll guide you through a structured, one-to-one training experience over eight weeks, ensuring you’re motivated, supported, and on track to success.


1st: Your trainer will go in-depth with you about your goals, your exercise history, and your medical history.

2nd: Your trainer will take you through your assessment, checking your weight and measurements. Don’t be scared; it’s important to know where you’re starting from.

3rd: Your trainer will demonstrate and ask you to do a few fitness tests to know how fit you are to exercise and to best tailor your exercise programme.

4th: Your trainer will design a personal exercise programme that will improve your fitness levels and drive you to achieve your goals. At this point, the trainer will demonstrate all of the exercises and ask you to try them as well.


One week after your consultation, you are booked in for another personal training appointment. In this session, your trainer will give you nutritional advice based on your needs and goals. A healthy diet is not just essential for good health and nutrition, but together with exercise and the right proportions, it can also help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. Optionally, if there is time left, your trainer can go through and explain your gym programme again. This is a great moment to clear up any questions that you might have about technique.


After 4 weeks in the gym, you are feeling more confident working out. It’s now time for a review of your gym program. Your trainer meets you to check how you’re getting along with your exercise routine. Your trainer may also need to modify and adjust levels and intensity slightly according to how you’re progressing. This ensures you are working at a level that ensures you achieve maximum results.


With 8 weeks of continuous exercise and feeling the effects of your regular visits to the gym, you should now be achieving your goals. You should be losing fat, toning muscle, and dramatically increasing your fitness levels.

Today, you do a second fitness assessment so we can check your progress and keep you on the right track to achieving maximum fitness and body transformation results. Because you’re now fitter, stronger, and slimmer, your programme is probably too easy. So today you get a NEW fitness plan from your trainer. And every component of your personalised plan is gone through in detail.

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